Lightweight SOA – part1: the Whole view

The main interest in developing with web services, is to be able later on, to proceed to the complete view of a SOA environment. So among the first things is to be able to construct the proper web service implementation, as denoted by the quickie ‘dirty-way’, in a way to be able to use the ‘agility’ notions of these two posts.

The reason above these, is to be able to use quick and cheaper open source ways to do SOA, or compliant SOAs – commonly named as ‘SOA enableness’. Of coarse, first comes the correct analysis, both from business perspective (agility definition of the web services) and the technical-IT perspectives (agility from the architectural point of view). Although SOA has become the dominant paradigm of enterprise computing, there is a lack of studies available on open source web service technologies.

I am glad to see post of Stefan Tilkov who just posted his slides from his Lightweight SOA talk. There is description of the way that a consortium of universities completed an investigation of web standards and open source implementations to create an open source infrastructure for SOA.

in this part, I just wanted to say: these should be mandatory reading for all our customers and anyone doing integration! 

In the following posts, I will describe some alternatives ways, as it was intended from the continuity of the agility postings.

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