Civil Self-Organisation

During the ending of this summer, Greece faced an enormous fire disaster. Lots of nice, green places (mostly in Peloponnese but not only) were lost for ever. Over 65 people were killed in a profound disaster from the ending of the second world war.

Surprisingly, people (mostly 18-30 aged) agreed upon a silent act in Athens. The message of gathering happened through e-mails, blogs and SMS. In a country that broadband is not well spread, a civil-gathering with no political messages, with silent people dressed in black happened in Syntagma square, the central square of Athens, in order to express disappointment and sympathy-fillings to the Greeks that where harmed by fire.

This action, this organization of people with no some central point of authority and no political involvement is a clear act of Self organisation. An action of people that were sitting on their couches preferring watching TV, suddenly, touched by a fact, were self-organised in order to give a common message.

So is the common message a preriquistic or just the fact that common senses (like fear, sympathy etc) should provide the medium in order to awake and unite people together?