Open Source Alliances

According to Gartner, adoption of open-source BI being used as an enterprise-wide standard platform will triple by 2012 [Gartner, “Who’s Who in Open-Source Business Intelligence,” Andreas Bitterer, April 2008.]. To meet the widespread demand of open source BI applications, Pentaho and Spring will further integrate their respective product lines to equip developers, ISVs, and enterprises with a mature, scalable and proven embeddable open source Java reporting engine. The two organizations will also conduct joint marketing, sales and support activities. Pentaho, the established commercial open source alternative for business intelligence, is also a SpringSource Certified Solution Partner.

“The modular, easy-to-use Spring Portfolio has become the backbone for building and deploying a new generation of enterprise applications, including business intelligence and reporting,” said Mitch Ferguson, vice president of business development for SpringSource. “Our partnership with Pentaho delivers tight integration of SpringSource Enterprise with their powerful reporting capabilities, coupled with the SpringSource dm Server as a deployment option. The integration of our technologies and the ongoing partnership between our companies make this a very attractive offering for developers and enterprises alike.”

“Integrated reporting and business intelligence capabilities have become an expected and necessary component of almost any business application,” said Lars Nordwall, senior vice president of business development for Pentaho. “Our partnership with SpringSource makes it even easier for developers to deliver robust, integrated, and supportable applications with the SpringSource Application Platform.”

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